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 ITEL RMS® v4.0

ITEL RMS® offers the efficiency and flexibility you need to gain complete control over wireless business in an AFFORDABLE manner.

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RMi Solutions, Inc. is the worldwide recognized leader of Resource Management Solution (RMS) information technology. Our RMS and transaction technology teams have been providing professional services and high-quality products to multiple industries for over 10 years.   

By developing affordable, practical, and business-critical solutions packages for accounting, inventory control, human resources, financial forecasting, and sales order processing, our systems are packed with a multitude of customized features. RMi Solutions, Inc. is redefining what its' clients can expect from today's software solutions. 

ITEL RMS® v4.0 is not just a Point-Of-Sale (POS) System but rather a Resource Management Solution. ITEL RMS® v4.0 is the latest version of our internet-based, wireless retail/non-retail (Master Dealer, Wholesale, Distribution, etc.) software package that provides total management control over your business operation, no matter the scale.  RMi Solutions, Inc. works well for one location businesses and 1400 location businesses.  A few of the over 1,000 features collaboratively developed with our client-base for ITEL RMS® v4.0  are:

  •  Track Carrier Commissions based on your commission level for each carrier, as well as print self-generated reports based on the criteria you choose.
  • Record & track activations, print out receipts, print inventory reconciliation, turnover, & transfer reports with a click of a button.
  • Manage business operations from any remote location with web access, as well as the ability manage multiple locations all while storing information in 1 place - giving business managers an enterprise-wide view of retail operations.
  • Generate custom reports based on the criteria you choose, or choose from one of the many business reports that ITEL RMS® v4.0 comes with, including: Store/Employee Sales Volume & Commission, Cash & Sales Revenue, Invoicing,  Time-Clock, Carrier Commissions, Activations Log, System Login & Usage,  Employee Earnings & Payroll...and much more!  Click here to learn more.


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