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ITEL Information Summary
What is ITEL?  

    ITEL is a complete management package for wireless retailers. It allows for  total control over nearly every aspect of your wireless retail business. From processing a sales order and printing a customer receipt in the Point-Of-Sale System, to tracking activations and carrier commissions, to providing you with a full module of business reports, ITEL does it all and more.

Why choose ITEL?

Internet-based Design
-A powerful, user-friendly design that lets you manage business operations from any remote location with an Internet connection.

-Store your information in one, centralized database that gives business managers an enterprise-wide view of their retail operations.

Point-of-Sale System
-Easy to use, and comprehensive POS System that can be used to quickly scan in and process orders and inventory.  This makes it ideal of any type of wireless business from prepaid, to contract, to wholesale.

-Streamline the activation and sales process by insuring that employees gather all the pertinent information.  (Activation Information, Deposits, Customer Info, Phone Information) 

-Intuitive customer tracking lets you recall repeat customers from the database, as well as print out customer receipts, invoices, coupons, vouchers, and more.

Inventory Management
-From purchase to sale, each phone is tracked by its unique serial number (IMEI/ESN, SIM/ICCID, etc.), which is inputted into your database upon delivery of each phone shipment. 

-Print inventory reconciliation, turnover, & transfer reports with a click of a button.

-Easily track stock levels and control large quantities of phones accessories and prepaid card pin #'s from one easy-to-use menu.

-Warehouse system for larger dealers where inventory can be temporally stored.

Business Management Reporting
-ITEL offers a wide range of report options for management control and business  analysis. Reports can be generated based on criteria you choose, thus making reporting extremely flexible and powerful. Some of the reports include:

- Store/Employee Sales Volume & Commission, Cash & Sales Revenue
- Time-Clock, Carrier Commissions*, Activations Log
- Employee Earnings & Payroll, System Login & Usage

             ...and much more!


*ITEL Carrier Commission Reports -  these reports are customized based on your commission structure and are designed to analyze all the variables that go into an activation (phone cost & sale price, plan, spiff, equipment rebate, promo, credit class, etc), and automatically calculate your NET COMMISSION for you - this occurs as soon as the sale is tendered in the POS System in REAL TIME!







Tel: 877-ITEL-321
Fax: (815) 550-8938

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